Gratin de pommes de terre (potato gratin)

DSC02703I know, I know my first food post should have been more risque but I also will share some easy “normal” recipes on the site. Starting with my go to side dish: Potato gratin

Potato gratin is the easiest dish EVER even if you think you are the worst cook in the world. That said I am talking really basic gratin that doesn’t require a fancy bechamel sauce. You’ll need a baking dish and these main ingredients:

–  Idaho potatoes or any starchy potatoes

–  Mixture whole milk and heavy cream (if for example you put 1 cup of heavy cream put 2 cups of milk but seriously I never measure anything)

–  Gruyere or Parmesan (please buy a chunk!)

–  Salt and pepper (I used coarse black pepper in this recipe but a ground pinch is best)

Hands on time: about 15 minutes                      Cooking time: 40-45 minutes

Step 1.  Thinly slice the potatoes at about 1/8 inch thick (en rondelles, my fellow Haitians). Then place them in one to three layers on the baking dish but no more than 3 . Note that one layer will give you very little gratin so plan accordingly.

Step 2. Pour the mixture of milk and heavy cream on top of the potatoes making sure that it is almost totally covering the potatoes. Add salt and pepper.


Step 3.  Grate the cheese all over the top of the dish making sure to cover it well. Then slide in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 45 mins or until you see some nice brown color on top -while you watch your favorite show.

If you have more than one layer: add cheese in between layers, pour in milk/heavy cream mixture, then last add more cheese.


Don’t freak out if your dish is brown on top but you still see liquid after 45 mins. As long as the potatoes are cook, take it out and let it rest for 10-15 mins. The potatoes will just absorb the liquid


This dish can be serve by itself with a tomato and lettuce salad for lunch for example or with meat.

mmmm…m’grangou (I am hungry in Haitian Creole)



Unapologetic eater


I grew up eating what most Americans call “weird food”. I have eaten every part of an animal by the time I was a teenager but after moving to NY I quickly realized that my love of fried goat brain on toast was not a topic of conversation and if I didn’t want to be called a savage I should keep my culinary choices to myself.

Then it came to me, why should I feel ashamed of the food I eat. I started researching food recipes but was totally disappointed when I could not find a website dedicated to those food that are mostly “disgusting” to people in the United States so I decided to start my own.

Most of the recipes in this blog will be my own easy and inexpensive versions of Haitian recipes. I am very excited to start sharing them with like-minded foodies.

So I hope you all enjoy the ride and keep the Tums close by.